Our Vision and Values

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Our Vision and Values

Why our Vision and Values are so Important to Us

Our vision is what we aspire to achieve for our school community.

Our values are the principles that guide our thinking and behaviour.

Our vision and values enable us to be the best version of ourselves. 

Every individual who is part of the Trent-Rylands Federation is valued for who they are and what they contribute to school. Our values and vision are integral to our schools and are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout their time with us.

The whole staff team, pupils, parents and governors are involved in promoting these values and vision along with recognising those who are ‘living examples’ of these values.

We believe that values in education have a crucial role because they play a vital part in raising achievements and encouraging children to be emotionally intelligent, articulate learners. Values support quality teaching and learning whilst making a positive contribution to the development of a fair, just and civil society. These values are central to the vision we have for our school community.

Our Vision Statement

The Trent-Rylands Federation vision is to provide the best start in life for our children through inclusive and engaging education, which is rooted in our local community, and develops character, well-being and a love of learning. The two schools in the federation benefit from a shared ethos and approach, which allows for a ‘whole school’ learning journey and excellent educational outcomes.

Our Values– Doing What is Right for the Children in our Community

Children, and their families, are the very centre of what we are as a school.

We are proud of our achievements:-

  • Everyone is valued
  • Everyone is included
  • Everyone works together
  • Everyone has fun learning
  • Everyone’s aim is excellence
  • Everyone cares for their environment


Everyone is valued

This means that we:-

  • Have positive, respectful relationships with each other;
  • Have a sense of belonging in and across both schools in the federation and the wider community;
  • Benefit from the richness of the Beeston Rylands community, its people and history.

Everyone is included

This means that we:-

  • Celebrate and respect difference and diversity; be proud of the things that make us unique;
  • Challenge all aspects of discrimination, inequality and exclusion;
  • Are able to be happy, safe and trust the people around us;
  • Have the self-belief and determination to try new things and make mistakes.

Everyone works together

This means we:-

  • Understand that working together helps everyone including ourselves;
  • Are able to share, co-operate and communicate effectively with each other;
  • Are part of a nurturing whole school community where parents, wider family and carers are valued as partners in learning. 

Everyone has fun learning

This means we:-

  • Work and play in a stimulating learning environment;
  • Enjoy school and leave with a lifelong love of learning;
  • Have opportunities for active learning and memorable experiences outside school to broaden their horizons and aspirations;
  • Are curious and interested in all aspects of the world around them.

Everyone’s aim is excellence

This means we:-

  • Become good citizens with good habits and a strong moral compass;
  • Develop the resilience to succeed academically, physically and express ourselves artistically;
  • Have confidence, demonstrate courage and show compassion;
  • Experience innovative quality teaching and learning;
  • Enable everyone to reach their full potential;
  • Develop a wide variety of skills and knowledge to prepare us for the responsibilities of adult life;
  • Leave school being able readers, writers and mathematicians but also, and of equal importance, being a good friend.

Everyone cares for their local and global environment

This means we:-

  • Respect and look after the school environment;
  • Are taught about Sustainable Development Goals and how we can contribute to these;
  • Are taught environmental awareness and strategies for reducing our carbon footprint;
  • Are part of a school which adopts sustainable approaches and champions environmental causes.

What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
Beeston Rylands Junior School