Year 2

Week Beginning 13th July

Y2 Where In The World Is China Activity

Y2 Mini Biography Writing Frame

Y2 Marcus Rashford Comprehension Pages 4 6

Y2 Make A Sundial Activity

Y2 Let’s Go To China Postcards

Y2 Lesson Presentation Where Is China

Y2 China Wordsearch

Y2 Learning Grid 13th July

Y2 Lesson 1 Telling Time To 5 Minutes

Y2 Lesson 2 Hours And Days

Y2 Lesson 3 Find Durations Of Time

Y2 Lesson 4 Compare Durations Of Time

PDF Transition Message (Student)

Week Beginning 6th July

Y2 Roald Dahl Character Quiz

Y2 Learning Grid 6th JulyY2

Lesson 1 Litres

Y2 Lesson 2 Temperature

Y2 Lesson 3 O Clock And Half Past

Y2 Lesson 4 Quarter Past And Quarter To

Y2 Character Description

Y2 Character Writing

Y2 Country Research Sheet Page 2

Y2 Emotions Sheet

Y2 Italy Colouring Sheets

Y2 Italy Fact File

Y2 Italy Information Powerpoint

Week Beginning 29th June

Year 2 Book Bingo

Y2 Nature Mandala

Y2 Minibeasts Reading Comprehension Pages 4 5

Y2 Maths Colouring Page 4

Y2 Light Blocking Investigation

Y2 Lesson 4 Milliltres

Y2 Blank Fact File Sheet

Y2 Learning Grid 29th June

Y2 Lesson 1 Measure Mass In Grams

Y2 Lesson 2 Measure Mass In Kilograms

Y2 Lesson 3 Compare Volume

Week Beginning 22nd June

Y2 Learning Grid 22nd June

Y2 Diary Writing Helpful Hints

Y2 Lesson 1 Describing Movement

Year 2 Samuel Pepys Diary Pages 4 5

Y2 Warm Up Drawing Exercises

Y2 Samuel Pepys Factfile

Y2 Lesson 4 Compare Mass

Y2 Lesson 3 Describing Movement And Turns

Y2 Lesson 2 Describing Turns

Wildlife Yoga

Y1 All About Mandalas Powerpoint

Y2 Design Your Own Mandala


Week Beginning 15th June

Y2 Learning Grid 15th June.docx

Y2 Sound Collector Writing.doc

Y2 Sound Collector Comprehension

Y2 Poetry Warm Up.docx

Y2 Sound Investigation

Y2 Poem.doc

Y2 Lesson 4 Merge 2D And 3D Shapes

Y2 Lesson 1 Count Sides And Vertices On 2D Shapes

Y2 Lesson 2 Count Faces, Edges And Vertices On 3D Shapes

Y2 Lesson 3 Sort 2D And 3D Shapes

Week Beginning 8th June

Year 2 Lesson 4 Two Step Problems

Year 2 Lesson 3 Find Change

Year 2 Lesson 2 Find The Difference

Year 2 Lesson 1 Find The Total

Y2 Scuba Gran Story

Y2 Science June 8th.docx

Y2 Learning Grid 8th June.docx

Y2 Geography Maps Of Europe

Y2 Blank Cartoon Strip.docx

Week Beginning 1st June

Y2 Learning Grid 1st June 2020

Y2 Lesson 1 The 10 Times Table 2019

Y2 Lesson 2 Make Equal Groups Sharing 2019

Y2 Lesson 3 Make Equal Groups Grouping 2019

Y2 Lesson 4 Odd And Even Numbers 2019

Y2 Children’s Letter From Granny Barratt

Y2 English Drawing What Granny Did

Y2 Science Experiment Bubbling Potion

Y2 Science Experiment

Y2 Ideas For Fun Science Experiments For Children

Y2 Sandwich Design


Week beginning 18th May 2020

Letter To Accompany New Learning Grids 18th May

Year 2 Home Learning Grid 18.5.2020

Year 2 Learning Activities 18th May

Year 2 White Rose Maths 18th May

Georgia OKeeffe Presentation

Georgia OKeeffe Photopack


White Rose Maths Resources

Week 4

Lesson 1 Add And Subtract 10s

Lesson 1 Answers Add And Subtract 10s

Lesson 2 Add 2 Digit Numbers

Lesson 2 Answers Add 2 Digit Numbers

Lesson 3 Answers Subtract 2 Digit Numbers

Lesson 3 Subtract 2 Digit Numbers

Lesson 4 Answers Bonds To 100 (tens And Ones)

Lesson 4 Bonds To 100 (tens And Ones)

Week 3

Lesson 1 Fact Families Addition And Subtraction Bonds To 20

Lesson 2 Answers Compare Number Sentences

Lesson 2 Compare Number Sentences

Lesson 3 Answers Related Facts

Lesson 3 Related Facts

Lesson 4 Add And Subtract 1s

Lesson 4 Answers Add And Subtract 1s


What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
Beeston Rylands Junior School