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Who's Who

Teaching Staff


Mrs Moss                                     Executive Head Teacher

Miss Harby                                  Year 3 Teacher and SENCO

Miss Needham/Mrs Dann             Year 5 Teacher

Miss Hollins/Miss Vonderach        Year 4 Teacher

Miss Perkins/Mr Lewis                 Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr Harper                                   Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Osborne                               Year 6 and Head of School


Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fox            

Miss Bannister  

Miss Zoppi         

Mrs Allison 

Miss James  

Miss Leighton

Mrs Ellis

Mrs Kiraly


Other People who work at our School


Mrs Widdison      Office Manager

Mrs Gibson          Admin Assistant

Mr Buckingham    Caretaker




Mrs Buckingham  Senior Midday supervisor

Mrs Unwin           Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hutchinson   Midday Supervisor

Mrs Friis Jansen Midday Supervisor

Mrs Morgans      Midday Supervisor

Mrs Wakefield   Midday Supervisor

Miss Brabrook      Catering