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SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

At Rylands all classes follow the 'Rainbow Grammar' programme. This is taught in conjunction with Trent Vale Infant school where in EYFS they start by building simple sentences with a subject card (green), an orange card (predicate) and a red punctuation card. This builds slowly through to year 6 where the children write much more complex sentences using a range of grammatical devices. The aim is to improve their writing and also enable them to be successful in the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test in year 6.


The programme is taught through a series of 'Grammar Blast' starters at the start of English lessons. Teachers assess the needs of the class for how frequently this is done. Children will be assessed throughout the year to measure their progress and highlight further teaching opportunities.


Teachers all practise spelling lists with their class according to the children's needs. They are also teaching specific themes depending on the needs of their own class. This can be through teacher led sessions, handwriting and also linked guided reading activities.

Click the link below for a detailed list of which spellings should be learnt in each year group: