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SMSC British Values

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the child is promoted throughout our school, alongside this we promote fundamental British Values. These are embedded within our curriculum and taught in lessons throughout school. Adults in school actively promote and model these values and attitudes for the children. 


SSMC development can be shown in the following ways:

Spiritual development is shown by exploring beliefs and experiences; respecting different faiths, feeling and values; enjoying learning about oneself and the wider world; using their imagination and creativity. 


Moral development is shown by recognising right and wrong; respecting the law; understanding consequences; investigating moral and ethical issues; giving reasoned views. 


Social development is shown by participating in the local community; appreciating diverse views; participating, volunteering and cooperating, resolving conflict; engaging with 'British Values'; respecting and having tolerance for others.


Cultural development is shown by appreciating cultural differences; understanding, accepting and celebrating diversity.