Our Vision and Values

Excel, Enjoy, Be Proud


This is our school motto and we encourage our children to follow this everyday.

Our Vision

Beeston Rylands Junior School is a community where all children and staff enjoy learning and working.  This enables them to excel, to develop their talents and exceed expectations, and be proud of their behaviour and achievements.  Every day at BRJS should create opportunities for children and staff to excel, enjoy and be proud.

Our Values


The ability to realise your potential and achieve academically and socially forms the basis for future learning and success in education and life.  We aspire to ensure that all pupils, regardless of background, are able to achieve their full academic potential; make good progress at every stage of their BRJS education, and are able to achieve or exceed age-related expectations in their learning along with developing the skills to be active citizens in society.

This is to be realised through excellent teaching and an approach that focuses on the individual needs of all pupils, whatever their level of need or ability.

We also recognise and support excellence in other areas such as sports, music and the creative arts, and strive to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to discover and develop their own individual talents.


In order to create an environment where effective learning and achievement can take place, it is vital for children and staff to enjoy the experience of being at school.  We strive to create a school environment that is:

Safe – children’s wellbeing and safety is paramount both in and out of school, and we will work to ensure a safe environment for all where any concerns are identified and addressed, working with the family and other agencies where appropriate.

Nurturing – staff are supportive and care about the children in the school, and will do whatever they can to understand and meet the needs of children to ensure their learning and school experience is positive.

Stimulating – teachers deliver interesting and engaging lessons and the physical environment is lively and stimulating.  Additional activities such as trips and visits are used to further inspire curiosity and reinforce learning.

Fun – children are encouraged to have fun at school, both in and out of lessons, through their friendships, activities and relationships with staff, all within a framework of respect and appropriate behaviour.

Be Proud

Finally, children and staff should be proud of their achievements and behaviour and have the confidence and self-belief to build on these further.  Systems are in place to recognise, reward and praise good behaviour, good attendance and individual achievements, and children are encouraged to have high aspirations.

Difference and diversity are also celebrated and pupils encouraged to be proud of the things that make them unique and to respect the differences of others.

BRJS is proud to be an active part of the Beeston Rylands community and we hope to ensure that children, parents and other members of the community are equally proud to be associated with the school.

The Rylands Way

In order to create an environment in which all are able to excel, enjoy and be proud, our expectations of all children are that they:

  • Follow instructions with thought and care;
  • Show good manners at all times;
  • Care for everyone and everything.

What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
Beeston Rylands Junior School