Reception (Foundation Stage 2)

How to Teach Phonics video link

Phonics Video Parents Guide Jan 21

F2 Home Learning . Week beginning Tuesday 2nd March  to Monday 8th March

0. F2 Home Learning grid Tues Mar 2nd

0.bear words for.1.3.21

0.F2 Extra . Snakes and Ladders Game

0.F2 Extra Snakes and Ladders Game – phonics


1. t-tp-6474-all-about-african-music-powerpoint_ver_5

1. Tuesday Kindness chance cards

1. Tuesday phonics oi rhyme & flash cards

1.F2 ENGLISH Tues 2nd March . Make a list of animals .

1.F2 MATHs Tues 2nd March


2. Wednesday phonic recap activity oi

2. Wednesday phonics oi activity-sheets

2.F2 ENGLISH Wed 3rd March. Drum writing .

2.F2 MATHS Wed 3rd March


3. Snakes from Africa

3. Thursday activity-Snake Outline

3. Thursday Literacy-Snake Photographs

3. Thursday phonics . ear rhyme & flash cards

3.F2 MATHS Thur 4th March


4. Friday phonics recap ear activity

4. Lilac phonic recap-oa, ur, or, ar , ow & oo bingo

4. Literacy home made drums

4. phonics recap -ear-phoneme-spotter-story-_ver_4

4.F2 MATHS Fri 5th March

4.F2 Types of African Drums


5.F2 MATHS Mon 8th March2021

5. Monday Ow Recap Real Or Alien Words Activity Sheet

5. Monday Ow Recap Real Or Alien Words Activity Sheet

5. Monday Phonic Recap Phoneme Real And Nonsense Words Activity Sheet


Optional Recap Activities for Phonics and Maths 

F2 Recap MATHS Making 7 revision activity

F2 Recap MATHS Making 8 revision activity

F2 Recap Handwriting and Phonics recap work


Other resources to help

F2 phonics flash cards . All Autumn sounds .

F2 Phonics and letter songs . Phase 3.

Phase 2 Sound Song Tune

Letter Formation

Phase 2 set 1 songs and Formation

Phase 2 set 2 songs and Formation

Phase 2 set 3 songs and formation

Phase 2 set 4 songs and Formation

Phase 2 set 5 songs and Formation

Sentence Game

Dough Gym

Getting Your Brain Ready to Learn

Squiggle Wiggle

The Handwashing Song

The Days of the Week Song


EYFS Early Adopter Scheme

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