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We have high expectations of behaviour at our school and encourage our children to follow 'The Rylands Way'.


 The Rylands Way:

Follow instructions with thought and care.

Show good manners at all times.

Care for everyone and everything.


Every week we have a Star Assembly where every member of staff is able to celebrate any achievements children have made that week. We believe that by recognising children's achievements we encourgae good behaviour. If your child has been chosen to receive a star certificate you will be invited (by text message) to attend the assembly.



On a daily basis the children will get class points for good behaviour or work. These points are recorded on the whiteboard in every classroom, when a child has five points they get a stamp on the class chart. These stamps then add up to certificates or notes home to show we recognise every pupils contributions within school. Individual rewards are:

10 stamps - note home

20 stamps - bronze certificate

30 stamps - note home

40 stamps - silver certificate

50 stamps - note home

60 stamps - gold certificate

70 stamps - note home

80 stamps - platinum certificate


Class points also add up to whole class rewards. Each class has a target that they need to reach, when they achieve this they are able to vote for a reward for the whole class. Rewards the children have chosen so far include a cinema afternoon, working with clay, mini disco and sports activities.